Bed Bath Body

Fragrance Descriptions

An earthy blend of spice & wood with a refreshing dash of vibrant lime.

A fragrance composed of a  bouquet of soft & delicate flowers.

A strong masculine fragrance, that has a fresh unusual blend with a  musky undertone.

A combination of the finest blooms to give an elegant floral fragrance.

A sensual blend of rich exotic spices & warm fruits

A crisp, clean fragrance with zesty tones of lime. Fresh and crisp like a start of the new day.

A warm spicy fragrance with subtle notes of leather, amber, rose & vanilla. 

A balmy aromatic subtly sweet fragrance from the exotic vanilla orchid. 

A refreshing zesty grassy citrus fragrance

A luxurious soft floral blend.

A calming fragrance with rich earthy blend of spice.



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