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Fragrance Descriptions

A warm complex blend with notes of neroli, sunny Indian Jasmine, a dash of Petitgrain and woodsy notes in the heart. Inspired by fields of Cosmos flowers and the stars in the sky. 

An earthy blend of spice & wood with a refreshing dash of vibrant lime.

A fragrance composed of a  bouquet of soft & delicate flowers.

A strong masculine fragrance, that has a fresh unusual blend with a  musky undertone.

A combination of the finest blooms to give an elegant floral fragrance.

A delicate blend of subtle exotic spices and warm fruits. 

A crisp, clean fragrance with zesty tones of lime. Fresh and crisp like a start of the new day.

A warm spicy fragrance with subtle notes of leather, amber, rose & vanilla. 

A balmy aromatic subtly sweet fragrance from the exotic vanilla orchid. 

A rejuvenating, uplifting fragrance blend of bitter orange.

Body Spa Range

INVIGORATING fresh with earthy and herbaceous notes. 

REJUVENATING sweet full bodied with lemon grassy notes. 

RELAXATION earthy and herbaceous.

SOOTHING herbaceous and fresh. 

ROMANTIC delicately floral, softly sweet and honey like undertones. 

baba Natural Baby Care Range

A calming, antibacterial and feel good blend for baby and family.


Woody, floral with a dash of citrus and good cheer. Inspired by candle-lit evenings, soft light, aroma bath crystals that smell like Christmas and all things FESTIVE.

plante. Range

A fine fragrance inspired by spring flowers, new beginnings and wind gently blowing through the fields of green.

A fine fragrance inspired by rustling dewy leaves and fresh air.

A fine fragrance inspired by citrus blossoms blowing in the wind and freshly squeezed grapefruit.

A fine fragrance inspired by bunches of just picked garden roses and a breath of captivating beauty.